Driving hour: 150 EUR

Waiting hour: 30 EUR

Price includes wakeboarding equipment or tube if you wish.

Tallinna harbour tour – 150 EUR

The tour begins in Pirita and then we’ll first make our way to the Old City Marina in the very heart of Tallinn. It’s the finest marina for recreational vessels in the city. Approaching it from the water will give you the opportunity to experience the sheer size of the passenger ferries and cruise ships mooring at the harbour. The next highlight is Port Noblessner, followed by the Seaplane Harbour. If you wish to visit the Seaplane Harbour, your trip can end here, otherwise you’re welcome to return to Pirita via Miiduranna Harbour.  

Restaurant trip – 300 EUR

Boat trip to Lohusalu, Prangli, Kaberneeme or Neeme restaurant and back to Pirita harbour. Includes 2 hours waiting time or even more if it takes longer to enjoy the dessert. It will be an unforgettable experience for the whole life. 

From Pirita to Aegna and back, includes 3 hours on island – 200 EUR

Aegna South Beach is the paradise beach close to Tallinn.You can spend the day on the beach or explore the island and make a hiking trip in a forrest. If you have more time, youcan also camp at Aegna. Fireplaces and even firewood are provided free of charge at RMK camping site at south beach.

From Pirita to Naissaare and back, includes 3 hours on island – 250 EUR

It is possible to do nice hiking trip from east harbour to south harbour. Captain brings your boat to the agreed harbour at the agreed time. It is also possible to hire our spedboats for visiting Nargenfestival (

From Pirita to Prangli island and back, includes 3 hours on island – 300 EUR

Prangli island one of the few islands where people are living not only at summertime but also throughout the year. Similarto Naissaare it is possible to do a unique hiking trip from Kelnase harbour to the south harbour or other way around. Yourcaptain brings the boat at agreed time to the agreed harbour. It is almost impossible to avoid the new and reasonablypriced restaurant Saare Roots.

From Pirita to Keri island and back, includes 2 hours on island – 250 EUR

Keri is the smallest and most mysterious island close to Tallinn. Even several locals living in Tallinn have never heard about Keri. It is only few hundred meters long and the juwel of the island is the lighthouse established by Peter theGreat. The lighthouse is functioning until today and it is possible to climb up to the lighthouse and enjoy the stunningview to Tallinn and even the lights of Helsinki are visible. It is the perfect place for a most memorable picnic (